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If your web browser does not display Chinese characters or pinyin correctly, then the first thing to try is using the installation disc(s) for your operating system (MS-Windows or Mac OS), to add support for Chinese (or Asian) text. This should work for all the versions of MS-Windows and Mac OS X that are supported by Wenlin.

The following image illustrates how to install files for East Asian languages on Windows XP:

XP Install Chinese Fonts.png

Wenlin 4 includes a good font for pinyin, named Gentium. Look inside the Fonts folder that is inside the Wenlin4 folder (which is normally in the ProgramData folder for MS-Windows, or the Applications folder for Mac OS), for Gentium and instructions for installing it. Gentium is also available for download from

The following Wikipedia page may have helpful information on how to enable support for East Asian characters:

To see Chinese text in your web browser you might also need to make some locale-specific settings in your operating system or browser preferences.

For example, in Mac OS X, you might get Japanese display (Kanji) of Chinese characters by default, using Japanese fonts rather than Chinese fonts. If you see Men2-j-24.jpg (or ) rather than Men2-g-24.jpg (or ) here Mouse pointer finger right.jpgMouse pointer finger left.jpg(between the finger pointers) then your system has that problem. It may (or may not) be possible to influence this behavior (in Mac OS X): in System Preferences: Language & Text: Language, move 简体中文 (simple form Chinese, a.k.a. Modern/PRC) and 繁體中文 (full form Chinese, a.k.a. Traditional/ROC) higher in the list than 日本語 (Japanese). If you see Korean or Vietnamese in the list, make sure that Chinese is higher in the list than both of those too.

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