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Wenlin 216x93.png Wenlin User’s Guide

  • 550 megabytes on hard drive (for complete installation, including sound files), OR
  • 210 megabytes on hard drive (for partial installation, excluding sound files)
  • 100 megabytes RAM (in addition to RAM needed by the operating system)
  • If you receive Wenlin on a CD-ROM (rather than by downloading from the internet), a CD-ROM drive is required for installation, but afterwards it is no longer required. Alternatively, Wenlin can always be run directly from the CD, in which case installation is unnecessary, and only a few megabytes of hard drive space are used while Wenlin is running.
  • Any of these operating systems:
    • Winlogo 50x50.jpg Winlogo 24x24.jpg Microsoft® Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
    • Applelogo 50x50.jpg Applelogo 24x24.jpg Apple® Mac OS X for Intel® (10.4 through 10.9)
For Mac OS X, Intel processor only (not PowerPC) machines are supported; Wenlin does run on new MacBooks with OS X 10.9 ("Mavericks") and "Retina" displays, however it does not yet take advantage of the highest possible resolution of a Retina display, and the "mouth", "brush", and "grabber" tools may be difficult to see due to insufficient color contrast.
Classic Mac OS (before OS X) and MS-DOS are no longer supported.
For GNU/Linux, please see our Wenlinux page.
We intend to support other modern operating systems in the future.
  • To read PDF documentation a PDF viewer is required (for example, the free Adobe Reader).

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