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Main-wlsysc-2.jpg Wenlin User’s Guide

For Wenlin 4.0, for the first time the Wenlin User’s Guide is provided as a website rather than a book. There are plans to publish a book version as well, but users will find that this electronic version has some unique features unavailable in a traditional printed book.

To view this Guide correctly, you need a relatively modern web browser. If your computer and operating system meet Wenlin's system requirements, and you use an up-to-date version of one of the usual web browsers for your system, this should not be a problem.

Chinese fonts for your web browser

Recent versions of MS-Windows and Mac OS come with Chinese fonts installed by default. If you see the six Chinese characters in the graphic at the head of this page also in-line in text hereMouse pointer finger right.jpg文林使用手册Mouse pointer finger left.jpg(between the finger pointers),

and if you see pinyin tone marks on the letters here Mouse pointer finger right.jpgàixīyǔmáoMouse pointer finger left.jpg(between the finger pointers), then you already have the fonts you need. Otherwise, please see Chinese fonts for your browser.

Where to begin?

Most people will not sit down and read this Guide straight through from beginning to end.

Please at least skim through the Introduction to Wenlin and Chinese. It defines our usage of important terms, such as pinyin, signific, phonetic, component, radical, morpheme, word, and phrase.

Also read the The Wenlin Tutorial. We recommend that you actually do all twenty-two steps in the Tutorial – in sequence! – rather than just reading about them. If you’re already an experienced computer user, you’ll finish the Tutorial very quickly. At any rate, you’re likely to achieve proficiency in using Wenlin more quickly by doing the Tutorial, than you would by unguided experimentation. We encourage you to start experimenting on your own, as soon as you have finished the Tutorial.

Before using flashcards, please read Chapter 13 Flashcards.

The rest of this User’s Guide is intended for reference, and it will be there when you need it. We encourage you to read it all eventually.

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