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Wenlin 216x93.png Appendix J of the Wenlin User’s Guide

This appendix provides an overview of Wenlin’s features related to Shuowen Jiezi (《說文解字》Shuōwén Jiězì ) .


Shuowen Dianziban

  • 《說文解字》Shuōwén Jiězì is the oldest comprehensive Chinese character dictionary. Compiled in the Eastern Hàn Dynasty (121 A.D.) by 許慎 Xǔ Shèn (c. A.D. 58 - c. A.D. 147), it is the most influential analytic Chinese character dictionary of all time.
  • Wenlin’s electronic edition of Shuowen is based on the Qīng Dynasty print edition《說文解字‧注》“Shuōwén Jiězì – Zhù” by 段玉裁 Duàn Yùcái (1735-1815). This electronic edition and its 11,246-character Seal font are the creations of Dr. Richard S. Cook. For more information, see the four-volume print edition:《說文解字‧電子版》Shuō Wén Jiě Zì — Diànzǐ Bǎn: Digital Recension of the Eastern Hàn Chinese Grammaticon (Cook, 2003).

Shuowen Features

The following sections of the Wenlin User’s Guide treat subjects relating to Shuōwén features.

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